Round Two Token Sale

Thank you to everyone that helped complete SupplyBlock’s first round of token sales. SupplyBlock’s round one token sale has successfully sold out.

Round Two Token Sale is now open and selling fast!

Round Two Tokens Sold:
78% Sold Out

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What are SupplyBlock Tokens?

SupplyBlock tokens are utility tokens. They are the in-platform mechanism that tracks and records transactions on the blockchain. Value of tokens is driven by increasing demand, utilization and adoption of SupplyBlock technology

Circulating Supply

Changes to the Token Breakdown figures will be subject to approval and support of our community as we value our community input and are committed to the long-term growth and success of our brand and technology platform.

The SupplyBlock Crypto Asset (Token) has been created on the Stellar Blockchain.

We understand the value of balanced token supply and demand. Due to demand, we limit the number of tokens sold.

Token Breakdown

Tokens Sold to Date: 20 Million
Tokens Reserved for Early Private Round: 20 Million
Tokens Reserved for Rewards Program: 10 Million

Welcome to the world of SupplyBlock

For any questions, or, if you need help better understanding this exciting technology, please email us!