$20+ trillion

Value of public procurement worldwide.

30% +

Worldwide funds lost through corruption and misappropriation.


Saving through procurement digitization.


Of Chief Procurement Officers intend to invest in digital solutions.

The Global Opportunity

The world economy is under distress. The ability of organizations to continue to provide business services in the face of adverse operational conditions is essential.

Solutions that can improve operational efficiencies and overcome traditional challenges such as corruption and gross mismanagement of funds are highly desirable.

Core Blockchain Philosophy

SupplyBlock is built on a core blockchain philosophy –  there is no competition just collaboration. As such our foundation is one of collaboration and openness between all businesses. We are driven to enable digitisation and automation of cross-business processes to drive efficiencies for all.

Stuart James (Co-founder/CEO)

Stuart understand the global challenges associated with digitizing and simplifying business processes. He is an entrepreneur with primary interests and experience in developing blockchain-powered solutions that assist in optimizing business efficiencies. Stuart’s core motivation is centered around achieving a better and more sustainable future for all by providing disenfranchised people with fair distribution of opportunities and access to market.

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Werner Coetzee (Co-founder / Supplychain Management)

Werner is an international ambassador for best tender practices and has consulted to the likes of United Nations, Transparency International and the EU Government. He is author of The Complete Tender Guide and has been involved in development of various web-based supply chain technologies.

Welcome to the world of SupplyBlock

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